The trainer with the flabby abs

I’ve perused a lot of personal trainer blogs lately. None of them seemed to be OK with my perpetually flabby mommy abs and the ham sandwich I had for lunch today.
What jerks!

For a long time I’ve felt that there is a major disconnect between personal training perspectives and the daily reality we face as women. This blog is my manifesto declaring that it’s time for a change. For all my friends with crazy lives and the love of a good ham sandwich, let’s rise up and revolt!

My journey as a personal trainer started at a little mom n’ pop fitness franchise called Curves for Women. I worked there in my teen years and into college watching women come and go for their daily dose of exercise. These women came in all different shapes, sizes and personalities.

Want to know what they taught me?

The picture of health and happiness can come packaged in wrinkles and a little fat.

The message of female fitness today is:

“You are not enough right now, so let’s change you.”

Oh how wrong they are!

The truth is:

“You are enough, so let’s enable you!”

To me, the healthiest people are the ones who can run and jump and play, and oh did these women ever do that and so much more!

There are some moments as a fitness trainer you just don’t forget. One day a woman walked into Curves with tears in her eyes. That week she had walked three miles with her son, without needing to sit and rest along the way. Another woman came in some time later absolutely giddy. It had been years, but she could see her feet again. After a rough pregnancy I thought my body would never be the same again. Two months later, I’m back to powering through my old elliptical intervals. More importantly I can pick up, bench press and swing around my little boy until he runs out of giggles. Trust me, that’s a long time.

These are the things that matter. This is the kind of happiness and joy I want to help people achieve.

Realistically, I’ll probably always have a little flab on the abs. But that’s OK because I’ll always be fit enough to tackle whatever life can throw at me.

Now who is ready for some functional female fitness?

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