The Anti-Diet: A review

Hey Ladies! Happy Friday!! Can I just say, I LOVE Fridays!! Honestly, who doesn’t? On this beautiful Friday I wanted to share this wonderful blog post I found many moons ago while browsing Pinterest one day. Maybe you all have seen it, maybe not, but I love what this beautiful woman, Rosie, has to say in her blog,

She calls it The Anti Diet. Rosie’s entire approach is basically not to start some hard, complicated, unsatisfying diet; but to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Because let’s be honest, the minute we discontinue our diet, we go back to our old ways and habits and the pounds come right back! How does that help us and how is that healthy? Instead, if we approach this as a lifestyle change, it becomes much easier to maintain. Also, remember to go at your own pace, don’t expect to change all of your habits overnight. Pick one, work on it until you feel like it’s been incorporated into your lifestyle and then, move on. There are a few things she talks about, but I wanted to focus on just three.

1. Physical Hunger v. Emotional Hunger:

-How many of us have those days where we want to throw in the towel and break out the ice cream? You know those days: The laundry isn’t done, the house is a mess, the kids/babies have had a rough day, dinner is nowhere near being done and you may not have even gotten to brush your teeth yet today… (we’ve all been there, I’m sure) Emotional hunger steps up to the plate and hits a homer and you are going.. going.. GONE! Don’t get me wrong, some days you deserve a date with Ben & Jerry, but don’t be discussing having a permanent place for them in your freezer.  Follow her chart to help you decide if you are physically, or emotionally hungry and then proceed accordingly.

2. Craving this… means you NEED this…

-I loved reading this part of Rosie’s post. So many times I run to my pantry and break open the bag of chocolate chips, without thinking twice. After reading this section, I now stop and think of something else I can have that would be better. And almost always the craving is satisfied, but I’ve put something so much better into my body. Win win!

3. The 80/20 Rule

-My favorite part! Raise your hand if you’ve ever been browsing around Pinterest and saw all the many pins about people strictly “eating clean” or vegan or gluten free and think: “yeah, like my kids/husband/I will go for that!” If you do, then more power to ya! I think you are awesome and I hope to aspire to your level of discipline and healthiness one day. But for most busy moms with kids, picky or not, that might not be attainable right now.  That’s why I love the 80/20 rule. Basically it breaks down to this simple sentence. 80% of what I eat is healthy and good for me and 20% is “naughty” as Rosie likes to put it. How easy is that? I love that thinking.

I think The Londoner hit the nail on the head with this post. Simple and easy. There is no miracle diet out there. There is no easy fix. Fitness and wellness is a lifestyle. Be sure to read the rest of the post above for some more tips, as well as staying in tune with us! Have a great weekend, all!



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