Smoothie one mom

So, this was me this morning:



ENERGYYYYY!!! I cried in a voice that was one part groggy mommy and one part Rocky Balboa. Most people would at this point reach for their coffee cup. But I don’t drink coffee for two reasons 1. I’m Mormon. 2. That venti Starbucks mocha isn’t all that great for the bod anyway.

But yet, I needed a boost. For all you exhausted, morning zombie coffee lovers who are hoping for a healthier option, here’s something I tried this morning … and it was awesome.

Step 1: Put the pictured ingredients (plus a banana and a tinge of pineapple juice) into a blender.

2014-10-10 08.06.11

Step 2: Conquer the world.

Why will this concoction jolt ya? Well, the CranEnergy drink packs about 55 mg of caffeine – about half the average cup of coffee – alongside a few healthy happy antioxidants. The magnesium punch from the spinach will help with energy metabolism, maintaining muscle and nerve function, heart rhythm, a healthy immune system and regulating blood pressure. The pineapple juice has a ton of B6, which is a natural energy booster. Plus, it’s kinda loaded with natural sugar – buzzz! But don’t worry, the thiamine in the pineapple juice will convert all those sugar carbohydrates into energy.

Everything else is really just to cover up the spinach. I mean, my uncultured baby doesn’t even like the taste of pureed spinach. 🙂

What are your smoothie favorites?

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