Jennifer Garner’s Baby Bump

Did anyone see this today? What an amazing response! I too have a baby bump – one that has its share of floppy flab and stretch marks. And, darn it, I’m proud of what that bump did for nine months!

Modifying exercise for pregnancy

It’s just another after-work jaunt to the gym. You’ve done this before. So why does everything suddenly look so intimidating? You just might be pregnant. Or your gym just might be kinda sketchy. Who am I to assume? … anyway. After learning that there is another human being growing inside…

Study: Pregnant ladies exercise more

Did you know that just because you are pregnant you are statistically more likely to exercise? Makes sense, right? Suddenly your body is not your own anymore. All those downward dogs and reps at the gym mean health and happiness for that little human you are growing. More than that,…

Roasting Skewed Beauty

So, how many of you have watched a beauty pageant and thought, “there’s not a snowball’s chance in hell I’ll ever be that.” Oh, me! me! Let’s be honest, the idea that our success is determined by how we look has ruined many a psyche. If you are feeling a little…

You earned those tiger stripes

I LOVE this! Never forget – your body did something miraculous.