Not your average holiday fitness post

Ladies, I’m sure your Facebook feeds and Pinterest pages are probably being bombarded with headlines such as: “Eating healthy During the Holidays”, “Skinny Versions of Classic Thanksgiving Dishes” and “Eat This, Not That this Thanksgiving”, etc. And you are probably thinking that this post will be no different, right? Well, just read me out. We’ve all seen these articles and lots of others alike and some of us may think, “Yeah, I can try that this year” and some of you may make great plans to “be good” and stay away from all the goodies. Some of you succeed (GO YOU!!) and some of us don’t. And then comes the inevitable self abuse because of your “epic fail” of “falling off the horse”. Am I right?


Well I am here to tell you that, IT IS OKAY! It’s okay to indulge a little! Heck, it is more than okay. You don’t have to beat yourself up over that extra helping of turkey and mashed potatoes, because guess what? They are DELICIOUS, Heavenly even. You want to know why? Because you are great! Because we as women try to do so many things all at once, including trying to incorporate fitness and healthy eating into our everyday lives, and you know what? It. Is. Hard! Sometimes it’s not that we “fall off of our horse” Sometimes we WANT or NEED to step off for a minute. Because riding a horse, (if not done regularly) is really uncomfortable! It is okay to step off and do your awkward bow legged walk around. Just don’t walk so far away that you lose your horse and can’t get back on.


Hope this is helpful to any mommies out there who struggle to “keep it tight” during the holidays. Remember there are lots of days in between Thanksgiving and Christmas to get back on that horse. Happy holidays!

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