Motivational Series #3

Yay for another Friday! You all made it one more work week! Even though I don’t a “real” job, I still look forward to Fridays. So in the spirit of fantastic Fridays, I thought I’d wrap up my motivational series today. Saving the best for last. =)

Here. We. Go

1. Make your fitness goals a competition.

I know a lot of us have that competitive spirit in us, so make your fitness goals a competition, with yourself, your spouse, mom, dad, sister, friends or co-workers the dog, whoever! It will keep you focused and mindful of your goals, and it’s fun! I am super competitive. I remember telling my dad that I could do his gym workout no problem, and I did. Then I did the same thing with my husband and I you know what? I held my own. I love knowing that I can keep up with someone, or go further, even. Heck, if you have little walkers, or runners, compete with them! Race them! You might be surprised at how fast they are, or how you can keep up!

2. Give yourself a compliment every day.

Seriously, this works! One thing I love about the latest yoga videos that I’ve been doing is they always say towards the beginning of the workout to “think about an intention you want to work on that day”. One of my videos gives an example of “I want to feel good in my body”. Honestly, it sounds cheesy, but I made that my intention one day, and I was amazed at how much better I could flow through the moves, how much better I felt about myself, and when I looked in the mirror, I was genuinely happy with what I saw! Giving yourself an intention or compliment every day will do wonders for your mood, your workouts and the way you feel and look at yourself. It doesn’t have to be related to your body either! You can say things like, “I am really funny, I am kind, I am a great friend, I am a great MOM”  (how many of us need to hear that a few times a day?) or if you want to, compliment your body! Say to yourself, “I have amazing arms”  or legs or eyes or lips or abs or butt or whatever you want! Take time to think about and be grateful for all that your body is able to do! It is an amazing gift that we all have been given and it does SOOO much for us every day!

3. Pat yourself on the back

Don’t be afraid to take pride in your accomplishments! So what if you didn’t run 5 miles today, or you only got through half of your workout  because of a screaming child (that was me yesterday) the point is that you are moving, you are trying! Some days will be better than others. Be happy with what you got done! Most of us spend a lot of time telling everyone else in our lives what a great job they have done, but do you give yourself that same praise? No matter what your goals are or where you are at with them, YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!

4. Have fun!!

Whatever you are doing, make sure you are having fun doing it. If you aren’t enjoying something, you are not likely to do it again. Making time to workout or eat better is hard enough! Don’t do something that is going to make it harder. If you hate running with a burning passion of a thousand suns, DON’T RUN. If you hate getting down on ground and doing hundreds of sit ups, don’t do sit ups! If just the thought of steamed zucchini makes you  gag, (that would be me) don’t eat it! There are so many things out there for you to do and try and eat! Explore a little, find what works for you! You might be surprised at what you enjoy! I never though I would like yoga, or that I would ever like  running! Whatever you do, do not give up entirely because of one or two things you may or may not like! You only have one life to live! Have as much fun as you can with it! There are a hundred other things that aren’t fun that we have to deal with. You’ll reach the “un fun things to do” quota for sure! Take some time out for you. Celebrate who you are and the body you have been given. Revel in the fact that there is no one else like you! You are one of a kind and you will always be!


I hope this series has helped in one way or another! If you have any ideas or tips that work for you, please share with us! Remember, fitness isn’t just about getting that perfect body. It’s about being feeling great in your mind and your body.

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