Mommy’s Exercise Quickie

Ahh, nap time. It’s that moment of peace we all look forward to as new moms. The little ball of boundless energy (and sometimes spit up) is finally quiet and content.

At this point one of two things might happen:

Your mind races to the to-do list and you wield your pen, mercilessly slashing off one item after another. 

Or …

Your exhausted frame crumples to the couch as you mutter, “just five more minutes.” You are then shocked awake by the cries of the aforementioned ball of boundless energy tugging at your guilt-ridden heart strings.

Either way, you might need a little jolt of energy. It must be something that can work lots of different muscle groups and infuse that heart and brain with some fresh oxygen. And, of course, it can’t take more than five minutes. Nap time is precious – some would say priceless. 

I’ve got just the thing: Here’s a quick workout that won’t take more than one minute AND will give you that jolt of energy!

  • Find a couch (you might already be there).
  • Stand up and take a big step forward. Then lower your self down into a squat. If you need a quick tutorial on proper squat form, this one is great.
  • tumblr_m3au8dVze61rqakpao1_500
  • When you pop back up, raise your hands directly over your head – just like you are doing an overhead press.
  • Lower the hands back to shoulder level as you lower down into the squat. Don’t forget to keep your feet hip-width apart and TIGHTEN THAT TUMMY!
  • Repeat 25 times. If you are thoughtfully (no herky-jerkies here!) lowering and raising, this should get you to 60 seconds!
Bonus: Try to push your two shoulder blades together while doing those deltoid presses – it will give that tired, sore upper back a mini massage!

Go ahead and do this whenever you need a quick jolt of blood flow. Enjoy the shot of energy (and nap time)!

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