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Just two sisters-in-law who love health, fitness and their babies!


About Sarah:AboutMe

Hi women of the world. It’s wonderful to meet you!

I’m a West Coast born and bred girl who is planting some roots in Pocatello, Idaho. But that hasn’t always been the case. My husband and I have trotted all over the world in pursuit of his M.D. degree – living in Reno, Nev.; Newcastle, England; Heber City, Utah; Grenada, West Indies; Redlands, Calif.; and too many other little jaunts to mention.

Before these adventures, I was a professional journalist all my professional life. But there was one passion that went unfulfilled: fitness training.

I am now certified through The American Council on Exercise to teach all sorts of people – young, old, male, female, meaty or measly. But after struggling to stay fit during my own challenging pregnancy and recovery, my passion became pre and post-natal fitness.

I now do in-home and group training for all super moms and hope to share what I’ve learned on this blog. I love working with people like me – people who just want to run, jump and play with their families without feeling exhausted afterward. I am sassy, sometimes irreverent, and (like most normal women out there) completely imperfect in my own exercise and diet habits.

I believe fitness is a journey we take over a lifetime with ups and downs and a need for the occasional chocolate bar. If you don’t like to exercise and, like me, prefer burgers over bean sprouts, I am here for you.

Welcome to your fitness blog!

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About Jamie:


My name is Jamie. I’m just a girl who loves adventure and is learning the ropes to marriage and mommyhood. I was born and raised in CA and then moved to Utah where I graduated from USU in Human Movement Science in 2010. My husband and I were married in May 2012 in Logan, Utah. We moved to Texas in June of 2013 and welcomed our first daughter in April 2014. My favorite things in the world are my family, good food, dessert, working out, reading, tennis, and dogs!!

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